I guess this is my official “About Me” page, and that feels a little awkward and formal, but I know I should probably introduce myself, so here goes…

GNRMy real name is Melissa. I’m 40 (almost 41…shhh). I had my daughters when I was really young; they are 22, 21, and 18. They are shaping up to be decent, caring human beings who handle their responsibilities. I’m rather proud of that. I also have an old, neurotic Chihuahua, and a young Great Dane/Lab mix. My house is an interesting place.

Muchie & Tia
Munchie and Tia

In the gym: Leg day is my favorite (and I usually do it twice a week). I know, I’m a freak.

Things you won’t find on this blog: Recipes for seafood or shellfish (I’m allergic) or recipes involving whole tomatoes (you can add them if you want, but they gross me out).

I work as a manager for a rather large bookstore chain and I used to work in a library. I’m kind of nerdy. (I work in the book industry and I’m a geek.. Shocker!)

I am also a full-time student studying Exercise Science (with a 4.0, thankyouverymuch). I plan on dual-majoring in that and Nutrition Science. Go big or go home, right?! Sleep is overrated anyway (really it isn’t, but that’s what I’m trying to convince myself). I was inspired to change careers during my own weight loss journey.(More of that story is here.)

Progress pic
This was about 4 months in… I had lost about 20 pounds at this point.

I’ve lived all over the US. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and spent 8 years in Las Vegas. The Nashville area has been my home for the last decade. I might move to Asheville, NC next…or maybe Portland. Somewhere with hippies.

I swear… a lot. More than I let my mom know, and definitely more than my grandparents know. I will try to keep things PG-13, but I will probably slip up and say fuck every now and then. See..  I just did it. It’s like a reflex.

My music collection ranges from “you’ve gotta hear this!” to “please don’t judge me.”

I loved The Golden Girls since before it was cool. Seriously. I’ve had each episode memorized verbatim for years. I want to be Betty White when I grow up.

I’m trying really hard to like avocados.

Finally, I appreciate you being here. Truly. I am not the most consistent blogger, but I enjoy sharing with others. You never know what is going to inspire someone or just make them smile. If I can do either, I am glad to have given that to them. Be the good… pay it forward…