It’s Strawberry Season!

I’ve never been a big lover of fruits and berries – I’m more of a veggie kinda girl. BUT, I am becoming more fond of them as I break away from processed sugar (plus, I know they are super good for you). I came up with this salad combo last summer. It’s always better when strawberries are in season, and it is just so. darn. pretty!  Eat your colors, y’all!!Strawberry Feta Salad 500

Salad greens, sliced strawberries, feta cheese, bacon crumbles, sunflower seeds, and topped with a yummy strawberry poppyseed dressing. Easy peasy and delish!!

I’ve said before that there are only two bottled dressings I will buy, and this salad is topped with one of them: Litehouse Opa Strawberry Poppyseed Dressing made with Greek yogurt. (It does have added sugar, but it’s not nearly as much as most dressings, and since a little of this dressing goes a long way in flavor it’s staying on my shopping list.)


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