Picking up marbles…

Week two of physical therapy is complete. There’s been an awful lot of ice packs, an awful lot of ibuprofen (and some Loratab), Starbucks iced coffees as rewards, and exercises to do at home (believe it or not, writing the ABCs in the air with your toe while only moving your ankle is harder than it sounds). BUT my physical therapists have said they can see considerable improvement in my range of motion. I am not fully able to bear weight on my leg yet, and I can only shift to a 50/50 balance of both feet for a minute or so at a time, and even then, I have to be holding on to something and be ready to shift back to my good leg at any moment. The really big news is…. I can pick up marbles with my toes.

P.S. Do you know what it costs to get stuck in Target during a storm?? $182.


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